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I regret looking back...

I just watched your "the keys of the past" video, and I was interested and thought "I might not believe it, but he makes some good points and references and I can see where your coming from". However now that I watch this video, you've lost me.

You made some good points in "the keys of our past" but this just seems like the usually spirituality I personally hate. (No offence.)

But, nice animation none the less.


I knew they could jump ¬¬.

thats a loveley peice of work, im agen what you could do with Cel animation.

turtleco responds:

I could make good stuff

This is wonderfull!

I loved this animation! Loved the song, keep it up!!!

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I enjoyed this alot, love the stle and feel of the game :) keep it up

Nice one!

Alison and wonderland has been made criptic many times.

Ok, done everything but still cant open the safe, I even got the info off the computer about a certan project.

Cuboy is the forever in awsomeness...

Loved it, i cant get a few achevments though or a cactus skin suit :S Ha i have the funny lady of the night suit though ha ha :P

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Nice! Would you let me use this in my outro for my YT channel?

crimsonkid responds:

Of course.
As long as you give us credit!
If you use it, send a link so we can see your video!


his is breath taking. I'm producing a short film later next year, would you allow me to use this music in it? If you did I would show you the final outcome and credit you.


This is great, I'm making a spoof advert for my media corse, the advert needs to be dramatic and excisting would you allow me to use this music? If so I would credit you and show you the final outcome.

SoS responds:

Sure thing, I look forward to seeing the final product!

Thanks for the review.

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True art

This was an insparation, well done you deserve to win


I like the way that a simple line across the lower body can bring out such defanition. He looks a little top heavy, but thats not a bad thing and the way you've brought out the shine of the boots, gloves and mast etc as insprired.


This gives of the CRAZY side of the joker that makes him such a good vilain.

Well whats to say, the highlight of my life is making papertoys, for commisions or just for fun.

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